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Our Story

Our Story

Nestled between the lush, rolling hills of the Margaree Highlands and the magnificent Margaree River, lies the Big Intervale Fishing Lodge. The Lodge itself was built in the 1970's, first as a private home before becoming "the Salmon Camp", as it is fondly referred to by locals, in 1997. 

In 1997, Ruth and Hermann Schneeberger immigrated from Switzerland and fell in love with the property. Over the years, the Big Intervale Fishing Lodge has attracted fishing enthusiasts from around the globe, all itching to fish in one of North America's finest Atlantic Salmon Rivers. The lodge also prides itself in being situated right in the heart of hiking country, allowing its guests to enjoy the splendours of the wilderness in every season.

The lodge has welcomed changes over the years. Steadily switching from "party line" service to high speed internet, and from a seasonal operation to a year round business.

The 20 years since purchasing the property were filled with many happy events, as well as bumpy experiences -- mirroring the Big Intervale road in the spring time. Overcoming challenges, not only have they created a successful business they are passionate about, they have also found a particularly welcoming community to bring up their family, set in one of the most beautiful and peaceful regions imaginable. This is the paradise that they love to share with their guests.

Big Interval Fishing Lodge
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