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Mother's Day Special

Dear Guests

Our food is freshly prepared, using the finest quality ingredients available. If you have any concerns or special dietary needs regarding our ingredients please do not hesitate to consult your server. Our kitchen is more than happy to honour special requests if you don't mind allowing us some extra time to prepare them. 

We trust you will enjoy your meal.

Tomato Cream Soup             $  8.95

Garden Salad                           $ 12.50

Chicken Wings                         $ 14.95

Onion Rings 6 oz                      $  7.50

Chicken Curry                          $ 26.95

half portion                              $  18.95

nestled in a creamy curry, served with vegetables and your choice of rice, fried potatoes or french fries.


Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice cream                                   $ 9.95

Apple Pie and Ice cream    $ 9.50

Seafood Linguine                    $ 26.95

half portion                                $ 18.50

chefs signature dish with lobster, crab, scallops

12 oz strip loin steak              $ 36.95

cooked to perfections, served with vegetables and French Fries or panfried potatoes

Happy Mother's Day

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